I live in Western Michigan and enjoy our beautiful beaches, the small-town atmosphere, and most of all, the caring people. This feeling is what I wanted to express in my Lake Shore Love Series—how relationships can be wrapped up with a big happily-ever-after bow at the end of the story.

The town of Lakeshore is fictional but is based on several cities along Lake Michigan. The first book in the series is called Never and Always and features Kayla, a laid off teacher, and Reed, an ER doctor, who both need to heal from a tragic loss.

Here’s a glimpse of the story:

Six years later, with a Live List taped to the dashboard of her VW Beetle, Kayla Franklin returns to Michigan ready to squash her survivor’s guilt and maintain a man-free diet. But when Dr. Reed Pierce, her college crush, saves her again and hints at the date she’d skipped out on years before, Kayla is torn between completing her list and following her heart. The sexy ER doc is lust in a bottle waiting to be uncorked, and when he redefines the word fun, Kayla must decide if checking things off her list will help her heal or if staying in Lakeshore is all the healing she needs.

Why get close to anyone when loss still grips his soul? Reed Pierce is an M.D. with an undergraduate degree in avoiding serious relationships. The choice he’d made years ago, in the churning waters of Lake Michigan, still ripples through his personal life and his daily ten-hour shifts in the ER. But when Kayla returns home to fix her life, along with their complicated history, Reed offers her a no strings summer fling that turns out to be more challenging than he expected. Having the courage to risk his heart one more time before she leaves Lakeshore for good is a risk he isn’t sure he is capable of taking.

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